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KITPLUS Feeding Set Pro

KITPLUS Feeding Set Pro

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Introducing the Pet Vacuum Feeder

Experience the epitome of advanced pet feeding technology with the Pet Vacuum Feeder. Designed to provide optimal nutrition and convenience for your furry friend, this innovative feeder offers a range of features that make feeding your pet a seamless and scientifically accurate process. Explore the key points that make this feeder a must-have for every pet owner:

Key Points:

Vacuum Preservation: Prevent moisture and mold from affecting your pet's food with advanced vacuum preservation technology, ensuring each meal is as fresh as the first.

Scientific Meal Scheduling: Set up to 10 meals a day for your pet, allowing for more precise and scientific feeding routines that cater to your pet's nutritional needs.

Large Food Barrel: The spacious 9L food barrel accommodates ample food storage, reducing the frequency of refilling and ensuring your pet's continuous nourishment.

Upgraded Dispensing Channel: The upgraded dispensing channel prevents food from getting stuck or clogged, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient feeding process.

Silver Ion Coated Barrels: The barrels are coated with silver ions, offering an added layer of protection against bacteria and ensuring your pet's food remains safe and hygienic.

Detachable Design for Easy Cleaning: The feeder's detachable design makes cleaning hassle-free, ensuring your pet's dining area remains pristine.


Introducing the KITPLUS Pet Water Fountain

Elevate your pet's hydration experience with the Pet Water Fountain, a device designed to provide fresh and clean water that meets your pet's needs. This fountain boasts innovative features that ensure your pet stays hydrated, healthy, and happy. Discover the key points that make this fountain a game-changer for pet owners:

Key Points:

Water and Electricity Separation Technology: Ensures your pet's safety by keeping water and electricity separate, offering peace of mind during use.

Long Battery Life: Enjoy extended usage with a remarkable battery life of 30-90 days, ensuring your pet has access to fresh water at all times.

Silent Intelligent Pump: The silent pump design minimizes noise, creating a calm and stress-free environment for your pet.

Heat Sensing Technology: Automatically dispenses water based on your pet's needs, using heat-sensing technology to ensure water availability.

Timed Dispensing Mode: Implement a timed water dispensing mode that releases water every 30 minutes, promoting regular hydration.

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