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Kit Plus

KITPLUS Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

KITPLUS Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

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The KITPLUS Smart Automatic Feeder

Make feeding your beloved pet an effortless and precise task with the Automatic Feeder. This innovative feeder offers the convenience of app-controlled feeding, ensuring your pet receives regular and accurate meals. Discover the key features that set this feeder apart:

Key Points:

APP-Controlled Feeding: Easily manage your pet's meals with the app, allowing for regular and precisely measured feeding for optimal nutrition.

Improved Anti-Stuck Technology: Prevent food from getting stuck with advanced technology, ensuring a smooth feeding process for your pet.

Easy to Clean: The feeder features removable parts that make cleaning a breeze, maintaining a hygienic and well-maintained feeding area.

Large Food Barrel: With a 4.2L food barrel, this feeder offers ample storage capacity, reducing the need for constant refilling.

Customised Recording: Record personalised messages to call your pet to eat, adding a personal touch to their feeding routine.


Specification Details
Power 5W
Voltage 5V 1-2A
Material ABS, PC
Connection Bluetooth / WiFi 2.4G
Storage Container Capacity 4.2L
Accessories Feeder1, Bowl Stand1, Stainless Steel Bowl1, Power Cord1, Instruction Manual*1
Product Certification CE/FCC
Product Dimension 7.52 x 12.2 x 13.43 inches
Package Dimension 8.46 x 8.46 x 13.78 inches
Box Dimension 26.3 x 17.6 x 14.45 inches
Box Capacity 6
Net Weight 3.31 lbs
Gross Weight 4.3 lbs
Box Weight 25.79 lbs



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